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Sundyne Heavy Duty Pumps to ISO-13709, API-610 (OH5,OH6), and Sunflo Pumps are the perfect choice for High-Head, Low-Flow applications.

Pumps are capable of flow rates up to 360 m³/h and heights of up to 4,500 m. Compressors even handle flow rates up to 17,000 m³/h and have a maximum working pressure up to 350 bar.


Technology: High-speed centrifugal pumps & compressors

Since their inception, the Sundyne process pumps and multi-stage pumps in accordance with ISO 13709 and API 610 (OH5, OH6) have been the definitive word in high-head, low-flow applications.

The Sunflo high-pressure pump product line harnesses our high-head, low-flow technology and experience for use in general industry applications. Sunflo pumps are used globally, by both OEMs and end users in equal measure. Typical applications include boiler feed, reverse osmosis, NOx suppression, washdown, injection, seal flush, and condensate return applications.

Over the years, Sundyne compressors have evolved from the reliable, integrally geared line-mounted compressor (LMC) technologies that are according to API-617 standard to the base-mounted (BMC) and Pinnacle multi-stage units.


  • High speed technology
  • Low space requirement
  • Single-level and multi-level designs
  • Few wetted components
  • Hydraulic systems tuned to the respective application
  • Large gap in the hydraulic part of the machines
  • Modern inducer technology
  • Stable performance data


  • Pumps in accordance with API 610
  • Single and dual mechanical seals
  • Water or air cooling
  • Internal or external oil supply pumps
  • 50 HP, 200 HP, 400 HP, 2000 HP or 4000 HP gears
  • Gear oil heating
  • Materials S-5, S-6, A-8, C-6 in accordance with API 610 and special materials
  • Vertical design (inline) or horizontal setup

Technical data

Pump series  Max. head in [m] Max. flow rate in [m³/h] Max. viscosity in [cSt] Max. temperature in [°C]
LMV 322 640 40 100 340
LMV 311  1,400 75 100 340
LMV 341  1,400 75 100 340
Sunflo 900 90 100 177
HMP 450 360 100 288
Compressor series  operating pressure max. in [bar] Max. flow rate in [m³/h] Max. power in [kW] Max. temperature in [°C]
LMC & BMC 110 6030 335 260
Pinnacle 350 17000 2983 260


Oil & Gas

You can rely on 60 years of experience in the construction of pumps, packages, skids, and systems for onshore and offshore oil and gas production. Take a look at the information now!


We have been supplying pumps and systems for distillation plants for processing crude oil for 60 years. Ask our experts for more information!


LEWA provides durable pumps and metering systems for various processes in the petrochemical industry. Ask our experts for more information!


LEWA supplies you with individual chemical pumps and customized system solutions for various areas of application in the chemical industry.

Cleaners & Detergents

We offer reliable, formula-controlled systems for the production of cleaners and detergents. Ask the LEWA experts for more information now!

Personal care

LEWA is your reliable partner in the production of personal care products. Our systems meet the strictest quality and hygiene requirements. Ask us for more information!

Pharma, Life Science & Biotech

LEWA supplies pumps and systems for the pharmaceutical, life sciences, and biotech industries that comply with all hygienic requirements. We're happy to help you!

Energy Utilities

We supply pumps and systems for power plants and power suppliers. Find out more about LEWA system solutions for the energy utility industry.


Amine treatment

Amine treatment LEWA provides industrial pumps and systems for amine treatment in power plants. Ask our experts for more information!


Polyethylene production LEWA manufactures metering pumps and metering systems for polymerization which optimally meet the necessary requirements. We are happy to help.

Production of melamines

Melamine production LEWA metering and process diaphragm pumps meet the specific demands for the production of melamine (trimerization of urea). Consult us!

Chemical metering in high-pressure cleaning systems

Chemical injection in the Oil and Gas Industry LEWA metering pumps are used for chemical metering in industrial high-pressure cleaning systems. Ask our experts for more information!

Production of biodiesel

Biofuel production LEWA provides industrial metering systems for producing biodiesel and other biofuels. Consult us!

Disposal of hydrocarbon condensate

Hydrocarbon condensate LEWA pump systems help you transport and dispose of hydrocarbon condensates (HCC) that arise when producing natural gas, both onshore and offshore.

Gas drying with glycol

Glycol injection LEWA provides reliable injection pumps and systems for gas drying with glycol. Ask our experts for more information today.


Sundyne - Direct Drive API Pumps (EN)

Sundyne - Direct Drive API Pumps (EN)
2 MB | pdf | 26.01.2020

Sundyne Integrally Geared (EN)

Sundyne - Single Stage Integrally Geared API Pumps
2 MB | pdf | 26.01.2020

Sundyne HMP 3000-5000 (EN)

Sundyne - Intergrally geared centrifugal pumps
2 MB | pdf | 26.01.2020

Sundyne - Process Gas Compressor Overview (EN)

Sundyne - Process Gas Compressor Overview
4 MB | pdf | 26.01.2020

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