ACD AC 14 centrifugal pump

ACD AC-14 centrifugal pump

Model AC-14 has a gearbox design which provides improved efficiencies at higher speeds and allows for greater operating range (flows and pressures). It uses a splash lube oil system for improved bearing life, which also means lower maintenance. 


Technology: Centrifugal gearbox pump


  • Stainless steel bearing housing reduces “cold creep” into the gearbox
  • Inducer and impeller designed for lower NPSH requirements 
  • Optional accessories: gearbox purge, mechanical seal purge, seal leak detector, and cool down temperature sensor  
  • Long life CFS mechanical seal

Typical Applications: 

  • Liquid storage transfer
  • Trailer loading and unloading 
  • Test facility support

Technical Data

Performance data

Flow rate2.27 up to 56.7 m³/h
Differential head30 up to 320 m

down to -196 °C


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