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LEWA S.R.L. was founded in 1992 and is located in, Mazzo di Rho, Italy. As one of the subsidiaries of LEWA, the company is one of the leading supplier for metering pumps and systems in Italy. They guarantee excellent consulting, project management, engineering and service.

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Your professional partner for pumps and systems in Italy.

Lewa set standards for pumps and systems since sixty decades. We focus on integrated systems and metering pumps for a huge process or individual solutions. Varieties of solutions are, from the single pump to the custom-made package: 

  • Injection of Methanol, Glycol
  • Corrosion/Scale Inhibitors
  • Gas odorization with Mercaptan or THT
  • Metering of additives
  • Dosing of colorant and flavors in the food industry
  • Metering in the spray drying process in the GMP environment,
  • One source for the continuous, recipe-controlled production of fabric softeners
  • Transport aggressive, toxic and explosive fluids in the chemical, petrochemical and oil & gas industries

Additionally our company offers an After Sales service. As a competent consultant, we support our customers also after delivery.

Certified Modular Workshop

Facts about LEWA S.R.L.

LEWA S.R.L. is your partner for metering pumps and systems in Italy. We fulfill all important requirements and certifications for pumps and systems for industrial usage.

Daniel Pellicano
Company founded:
Head office:
Mazzo di Rho (Mi)
Certified Modular Workshop
for successful workshop quality audit and excellence in service practices
ISO 9001
Pumps manufactured in accordance with:
API 674 • API 675 • API 685 • API 610 • API 676
Hygiene certifications:
Members of:

LEWA products

  • Diaphragm metering pumps / Pompe dosatrice a membrana
  • Process diaphragm pumps / Pompe di processo a membrana
  • Dosing and injection packages / Sistemi di dosaggio e iniezione
  • Metering & odorizing systems / Impinati di dosaggio e odorizzazione
  • Centrifugal pumps / Pompe centrifughe
  • Air-Operated, Double Diaphragm Pumps / Pompe pneumatiche a doppia membrana
  • Hygenic pumps / Pompe sanitarie
  • Gear Pumps / Pompe a ingranaggi

Partner products

Distributed in Italy

  • Pomac
  • Dickow
  • Liquiflo
  • Tuthill

Industry Expertise

Oil & Gas

You can rely on 60 years of experience in the construction of pumps, packages, skids, and systems for onshore and offshore oil and gas production. Take a look at the information now!

Gas Odorization

LEWA gas odorization systems: Custom units or tried-and-tested systems! We supply exactly what you need!


We have been supplying pumps and systems for distillation plants for processing crude oil for 60 years. Ask our experts for more information!


LEWA provides durable pumps and metering systems for various processes in the petrochemical industry. Ask our experts for more information!


LEWA supplies you with individual chemical pumps and customized system solutions for various areas of application in the chemical industry.

Plastics processing

LEWA supports you in plastics processing with custom-built plants and systems. Ask our experts for more information!

Cleaners & Detergents

We offer reliable, formula-controlled systems for the production of cleaners and detergents. Ask the LEWA experts for more information now!

Personal care

LEWA is your reliable partner in the production of personal care products. Our systems meet the strictest quality and hygiene requirements. Ask us for more information!

Pharma, Life Science & Biotech

LEWA supplies pumps and systems for the pharmaceutical, life sciences, and biotech industries that comply with all hygienic requirements. We're happy to help you!

Food & Beverage

Use LEWA pumps and system solutions for your homogenization processes in the food and beverage industry. Ask our experts for more information!

Energy Utilities

We supply pumps and systems for power plants and power suppliers. Find out more about LEWA system solutions for the energy utility industry.

Other Industries

As specialists in fluid handling, we of course also have experience in many other industries. Simply contact our consultants to find out more!

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