Chemical metering in stationary high-pressure cleaning systems with LEWA metering pumps

LEWA metering pumps are used for the metering of chemicals into industrial high-pressure cleaning systems.

The metering of different additives like solvents, detergents (acidic or alkaline), acetic acid or caustic soda, takes place on the discharge side of the cleaning pumps.


LEWA metering pumps are used in stationary high-pressure cleaning systems for metering chemicals

Typical scope and parameters for industrial cleaning:

  • Up to 20 chemical metering pumps per system
  • Volume flows from 20 - 300 l/h
  • Discharge pressures on the process side of the main cleaning pump: 55 to 350 bar
  • Supply of metering pumps directly from the chemical hazardous material storage

Advantages of LEWA pumps:

  • Hermetically sealed
  • Robust and low maintenance design, standard material stainless steel 316/316L (1.4401/1.4404)
  • High metering accuracy

Areas of application

Cleaning, detoxification, neutralization and rinsing of:

  • IBC
  • Tank vehicles
  • Tank containers
  • Trailer tanks
  • Transportable tanks


Stationary operated high pressure cleaning pumps usually are rotary piston pumps of manufacturers whose product scope is designed for the pumping of large quantities of water to clean fittings, such as spray lances or heads.

Economical systems on the fluid side produced from inexpensive materials such as red brass and similarly simple seals are in the forefront.

To protect these pumps from being destroyed by the aggressive cleaning agent to be conveyed, LEWA supplies the operators of cleaning systems with reliable, robust chemical dosing pumps for precise injection on the discharge side of the cleaning pumps.



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